An accidental leak by Respawn!

Apex Legends Leaks Hint at What’s Coming in Season 8

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Who'd have suspected that Pathfinder was once a waiter? (Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends is currently in Season 7 with plenty of action going on between the Holo Day Bash and the upcoming Fight Night collection event. Here’s what Season 8 might have in store!

Let’s start by saying that Season 8 of Apex Legends is still over a month away. Considering that the game will be celebrating its two-year anniversary in February, that’s when fans should be expecting the next update. So what’s coming in Season 8? Some leaks that revealed images from internal testing might have the answers.

Season 8 Leaks

Data miners found some interesting screenshots in the last few days and they appear to be coming from Respawn’s internal testing of new features. The pictures in question were posted on Reddit before getting deleted. Worry not as data miners were quick to post them again. The items found on these pictures included:

  • Canyonlands MU3
  • 6-man Kings Canyon MU3
  • Estate Arenas
  • Tropic Playtest
  • 1 LVL Boost
  • 40-man Oly duo
  • Airdrop Takeover Trios
  • Salvo Ship Active Tease
  • Fuse Active Tease

Biast clarifies the terms quite well and some of them stand out from the rest. Tropic might actually be a new map and Estate Arenas could be a smaller format. In addition, we see some new modes for Kings Canyon and Olympus along with two teasers. Fuse is certainly the name of a new legend but that doesn’t necessarily mean we'll be seeing him in Season 8.

As we’ve already mentioned Apex Legends will be celebrating its two-year anniversary in February as the game was initially launched on February 4, 2019. Chances are we’ll see some big changes coming so a new legend, a new map, new modes, and more are to be expected. Are you excited about the next season of Apex? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page!

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