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It's about time for an Apex Legends comic!

Apex Legends Gets Its Own Comic

Apex Legends: Overtime comics
Who's the third character in the preview? (Credit: Respawn Entertainment/Dark Horse comics)

The world and lore of Apex Legends just keeps expanding out towards new horizons. For the past two years, the Battle-Royale shooter has been steadily growing, telling stories in different formats. The latest one is a comic book series called Apex Legends: Overtime.

Good news for any fans of the Titanfall series: With Apex Legends: Overtime players will get a deeper look into the world and lore of the Titanfall/Apex Legends universe. The only negative thing about the upcoming comic book series is that it'll be limited to only four issues.

Apex Legends: Overtime is being written by Jesse Stern, a Titanfall veteran, with artwork by Neil Edwards, who worked on DC, Marvel, and Assassin's Creed comics. Other big names involved in the making include Keith Champagne (Stranger Things), Antonio Fabela (Skyward), and Nate Piekos (The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys). 

The series will be published by Dark Horse Comics, and the official description for Overtime is as follows:

In the comic series, the Legends find themselves pulled together to rescue the city from Mad Scientists, brutal assassins, and the sudden and sinister grip of The Syndicate, a corrupt cabal attempting to “fix” arena outcomes in their favor. 

When Will Apex Legends Overtime Be Released?

It'll be curious to see whether the comic book series will spark more interest, and continue to develop the game's story in a brand-new format. In the preview above, we see Mirage and Crypto looking at another character that's yet to be revealed. Is it a simulacrum? Is it Revenant, or a brand-new legend that's yet to be released? Chances are we'll find that out when Overtime gets released. The series is scheduled for June 2, 2021, and until then we can only speculate.

Apex Legends: Overtime won't be the first time the Battle-Royale goes to a paper format, as previously we've seen Pathfinder's Quest, a lore-book that delved deeper into the world of Apex. It even revealed the face of Octane without his mask.

[SPOILER] Octane Face Reveal leaked in upcoming Pathfinder's Quest book from apexlegends

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