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It’s 2021 and the scene is back!

ALGS Championship Will Offer $1 Million in Prize Money!

Apex Legends 2021 tournament Octane
The Apex Legends competitive scene is back! (Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

The first events of the Apex Legends Global Series in 2021 are about to start. In addition, EA has announced the biggest Apex tournament later this year with the ALGS Championship.

A brand-new year for Apex Legends and another start for the Apex Legends Global Series. The competitive scene for the title will resume today with the Winter Circuit#1. The latter will span between January 15 and January 17. More events will follow in the next few months until the ALGS Winter Playoffs that are scheduled for the end of March.

That’s exciting and all but even more exciting is the news about the Apex Legends Global Series Championship. It promises a total of $1 million in prize money, a pool which we haven’t seen in Apex Legends so far. At least not for a single event. A total of 60 teams will make it to the big event and whether they qualify or not will be determined by the Winter Circuit we mentioned above, the total amount of ALGS points, or the Last Chance qualifier event.

The broadcasts for the Winter Circuit will also feature Freecam.

All Winter Circuit broadcasts will include the brand new Freecam technology, bringing you the action like you’ve never seen it before. Feast your eyes on 360 degrees of epic battles, and learn from the best teams in the world how to win with expert setups, focus fire, and flanking maneuvers.

You can find all the information regarding the Winter Circuit on the official EA website.

All registered pro players received an email with the latest update and Apex Legends Lead Partnerships Manager, Shahin Kanafchian left a hint for the fans.

Players are currently speculating that the event in question will be a LAN. Something we haven’t seen much of in 2020 due to the global pandemic. In any case, the Championship is one of the biggest Apex Legends events and clearly shows us that the scene still has room to grow.

The location of the event is another big question. Japan is a good guess as some EA employees have tweeted about the impressive advertising going on in Tokyo.

Note that nothing is certain at this point and everything is still subject to change so take the information with a pinch of salt. Then again let’s hope this year will be a big one for Apex Legends.

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