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Apex Legends: What to expect during EA Play?

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EA’s big EA Play event is coming today, June 18 and there’s quite a lot in store. Specifically, Apex Legends fans may get a lot of good news. Find out what.

Apex Legends is currently in its fifth season which is arguably the most successful one so far. It’s also the boldest, as it introduced PvE which has been well received by the fan base. Over the last couple of months, we’ve had quite a lot of leaks about potential new features coming to the battle royale. Today, at the EA Play event we might get some answers from Respawn Entertainment.

What to expect?

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A Steam release

Apex Legends has been out for over a year now and the only way to actually play the title is through EA’s platform – Origin. This discourages a lot of players, since a huge portion of users worldwide are still mainly using Steam. Apex fans have been asking the devs for quite some time if there’s a Steam release on the way, but recently there was a leak that almost certainly confirms it.

The potato in question along with GladOS is a reference to the Portal series, which is an iconic title by Valve. There’s a high chance we’ll hear more about Apex coming to Steam very soon. Further proof of that is the fact that a lot of EA titles recently made their way to Steam.

Apex cross play

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Another highly requested feature by the fans. Currently, players on PC will only play against other PC users, while console users will also be limited against other people on a console. In a bright future, all of the platforms will be combined into a single pool, which should make queue times a lot shorter and the game might event get a spike of popularity. Some of its rivals like Fortnite and Call of Duty already have the feature and it’s definitely an advantage over EA’s title.

Fans have been asking about cross-play as early as February 2019 when the game was initially released and it’s about time Respawn give them an update.

Ps5 xbox

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Next-gen details

The announcements for PS5 and the Xbox series X are already flooding the internet along with plenty of memes. There’s no doubt that Apex Legends will be available on both of them, bu the EA Play event will surely give us some interesting details about it and what exactly will be different. Will it happen in 2021 though?

Apex mobile

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A mobile release

Last but not least there’s also the question of Apex going mobile. Much like cross-play rival games like Fortnite, PUBG and others are already available on your phone. We doubt that Respawn Entertainment would want to lag behind their competitors. Bringing the game to mobile will surely bring an influx of new players. Technically there’s already a way to play Apex Legends on your phone thanks to the Nvidia GeForce Now gaming service, but that’s far from an official release. It’s merely a way to play the PC version on your phone, so it’s not really optimized to play it on a touch screen.

When’s EA Play?

The big EA event will kick off later today at 4:00 PM PT / 7:00 PM ET. If you’re in Europe then it’ll be in the first few hours of Friday, starting 1:00 AM CET. There’ll be an official stream on EA’s Twitch channel.

Stay tuned for more Apex Legends news and make sure to check out EarlyGame as well as our Youtube channel.

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