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Apex Legends Season 6 Tier List

Apex legends season 6 rampart

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Apex Legends Season 6 is here, as is the new legend Rampart. So what's good and what's bad in the current meta? Read on to find out!

Today we'll be taking a closer look at the current meta of Apex Legends with our Season 6 tier list. A lot has changed due to the last patch and some legends have gone further down while others managed to rise.

Apex Legends D Tier

Loba apex legends

Loba's glory days are behind her. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)


It's a sad day as we say goodbye to Loba. The last season's new legend is already at the bottom of the tier list in a separate category from all the rest. It took players a full season to realize that Loba's kit doesn't offer a whole lot of utility to the team. The only exception is her ultimate but even that is often useless. No wonder she's suddenly the least picked legend in the entire game! We expect some buffs in the legends future.

Apex Legends C Tier

Revenant apex legends

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Back when Revenant was first introduced in Season 4 Assimilation, players were thrilled to try out the mysterious simulacrum. Two seasons later, he's usually dead weight and rarely worth the risk. Sure he can silence enemy legends but his passives and ultimate are not that impressive. When it comes to Death Totem, the worst part is that enemies can also use it and that's often a double-edged sword that cuts the wrong way too often.


Who doesn't like running fast and jumping on launch pads? Playing Octane is usually tons of fun as the speedy daredevil can often escape danger. The pads can also be useful in most situations, but that's about it. Octane remains predictable and his kit doesn't benefit the team that much as players are still open to enemy fire when using a launchpad.

Apex Legends B Tier

Bangalore apex

B stands for Bangalore! (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Now we're getting to the actually viable picks!


Bangalore has been a popular pick ever since the game's launch and for good reasons. She combines some good utility that can be used as both offense and defense. Her passive is not that impressive but it gets the job done as some opponents will have trouble dealing with her sudden speed burst while aiming for her. Banga needs some buffs and she might just make it into the A tier for Season 7.


Bloodhound hasn't changed that much in Season 6. The legend is a mostly situational pick but in the hands of the right player, it can do wonders. The good thing about Bloodhound is it can provide valuable information throughout the map thanks to his ultimate Beast of the Hunter and his Eye of the Allfather ability.


The man with the drone himself. He finally made it out of the trash tier and it just feels weird. Much like Bloodhound, Crypto can deliver vital information for his team thanks to his drone but unlike Bloodhound he can't actually shoot at the same time. He can totally make up for it with his ultimate given the right circumstances. He can also revive teammates faster and which brings him into the B tier.


Pathfinder fell hard from the top. Once the friendly robot resided in the upper echelons of the tier lists but after some hard nerfs to his grappling hook and its cooldown he is nowhere near as mobile as before. His passive is also no longer unique as all recon legends have access to survey beacons.

Apex Legends A Tier

Caustic apex legends tier list

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A Caustic player who knows what they're doing is something terrible, especially in an enclosed place like the bunker. He remains a top choice especially in ranked play and this has been true for some time now. While Caustic won't guarantee you early game dominance, the longer the game goes, the more dangerous he becomes.


Gibby is as good as ever. His ultimate can be used for offense and defense but the reason people really pick him is his tactical ability. While inside his Dome of Protection, players are safe from any incoming projectiles. Furthermore, healing items are used faster and Gibraltar can revive allies for 4 seconds instead of the usual 5. Then there's also the gun shield which gives him an edge in one on one situations.


Mirage was at the bottom of the barrel for so long at some point we even forgot he exists. After the massive buffs, he received it's no wonder the legend finally enjoys the popularity he deserves. His tactical and ultimate are now better than ever but once again that's not what we're interested in. Mirage's passive allows him to cloak himself and the teammate he's reviving which is quite invaluable.


The new legend for Season 6 didn't get as much hype as we hoped for but remains a solid choice for any team comp.


Wattson doesn't play like the rest of the legends, unlike many other legends when you first learn to play her she has a steep learning curve. Crazy right? The learning curve is worth it though as her fence and pylon can make the best out of a tight situation. Much like Caustic, she truly shines in the later stages of a match and the only possible counter to a good Wattson is Crypto.

Apex Legends S Tier

Lifeline buff

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Lifeline has always been a popular pick. As seasons went by a huge part of what made her special was transferred over to Gibraltar and the question arose. Why play Lifeline when you can play the chunky boy instead? Season 6 made up for it by introducing a huge buff to the fan-favorite legend. Her drone can now be used to revive an ally while Lifeline players can focus on firefights. This makes for less time spent caring for teammates and more time shooting at enemies. Note that the drone still raises a shield over the fallen teammate, so you'll only have to cover one side.


Some things never change, don't they? Wraith has been at the top of every tier list for over a year and a half and it doesn't look like that will change anytime soon. She's overpowered like an anime character, she's fast, she can safely move her entire team from point A to point B. Wraith's tactical serves as a "get me out" button and even after several nerfs to it, the legend still remains as viable as ever.

Do you agree with our tier list and if not why not? Stay tuned for more Apex Legends news and check EarlyGame for more updates on everything gaming and esports.

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