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Apex Legends Tier List for Season 5

Apex Legends Tier List Season 5

Which legend is particularly strong in Season 5? (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends Season 5 is here, as is the new legend Loba. So what's been happening in the Tier List? Read on to find out.

A new legend, various map changes and now a new Tier List. Today we take a closer look at the current meta of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends C Tier

Octane apex legends

Octane made it only into C-tier. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)


With his extra speed and quirky voice lines, Octane is funny, but not the best choice for Apex Legends Season 5, as he offers little in offense and defense. In Season 5, the cooldown on his jump ramp (Ultimate) has been reduced by 30 seconds, but so far that doesn't seem to have been enough to catapult him up the Tier List.


The legend was added in Season 4, but couldn't keep up the hype for long. His ultimate is terrific, it allows him and his teammates to temporarily escape death, but it can also backfire if the totem is found by enemies. Revenant's most useful skill is his silence but even that is situational.


Added in Season 3, Crypto is pretty dusty. He did get a little buff in Season 5, but that's not enough as the legend is still a sitting duck in most cases.

Apex Legends B Tier

Apex Legends Caustic

Caustics goes into B-tier. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)


In theory, Caustic could actually get into the A- or even S-tier, but in most scenarios, he has to make it to the later stages of the match to get the most use. Caustic can be an absolute nightmare in the late game but he rarely survives until then as his huge frame makes him an easy target.


She's the only real support legend and used to be a top pick. Nowadays Lifeline is still a solid choice but she's entirely focused on defense and reviving teammates. Paired up with the right legends Lifeline can be the key to victory.


Her ultimate is still one of the best as it allows her to flush out enemies from a certain position. Bagalore's passive is useful against inexperienced players which can't aim that well but borderline useless in the higher brackets.


First in S-, now in B-tier. All because of a change in Season 5: the grapple. With a cooldown of no less than 35 seconds, this ability is no longer so well suited to kill weaker enemies and even quickly escape a critical situation. At least his hitbox is still quite small, so he won't slip any further down the Tier List.

Apex Legends A Tier

Apex Legends Loba

Loba comes first in Tier-A, but with potential on S. (Source: Respawn Entertainment)


She's new, she's fast, she's popular. Lobas Ultimate, Black Market Boutique, is pretty much the better version of the Lifeline care package. Paired up with her mobility bracelet what more could you ask for? Loba's position in the Tier list may change as Season 5 goes further.


He was actually rather unpopular, his skills give away his own position and make him vulnerable. Nevertheless, his abilities were buffed in Season 5, the range of Eye of the Allfather was increased while the cooldown was reduced. Paired up with another offensive legend, Bloodhound can be deadly.


She is present in almost every team, mainly thanks to her Interception Pilon, which destroys enemy launchers and allows a team to hold a position. Having a Wattson on your team and a good strategy will almost always guarantee a good placement. Add a Caustic in the mix and your position becomes impenetrable.

Apex Legends S Tier

Apex legends gibraltar

Gibraltar is at the top of our tier list. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)


This legend has undergone a real change. When he was released, Gibby was rather unpopular because of his clumsiness and big hitbox. Then came a series of buffs and now Gibraltar is one of the best. On top of his many passive, his Ulti can even wipe out an entire opposing team.


Mirage was one of the fan-favorite legends since launch but he was never that good in-game. Thanks to a complete overhaul in Season 5, he can fool his opponents even better. He can now revive his teammates while remaining completely invisible, definitely a plus for every team.


Even after a series of nerfs, Wraith is the absolute best choice for offensive gameplay. Her escape has a much longer cooldown than before, but that didn't stop the majority of players from picking her. Wraith's portal is still as useful as ever, providing a chance to strategically withdraw.

Do you agree with our Tier list and if not why? Stay tuned for more Apex Legends news and check EarlyGame for more updates on everything gaming and esports.

Tasho Tashev

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