Wraith is the lucky first

Respawn introduce a weekly Apex Legends Bundle

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It looks like an early summer sale: In Apex Legends you now have the opportunity to buy skin bundles. What do they contain though?

Today Respawn Entertainment announced a new bundling system that will be offered and changed weekly in the store. This should enable fans to get a set for a substantial discount. This week's Out of the Void bundle is specifically designed for Wraith mains and features a legendary character skin, a weapon skin, and two weapon pendants. Wraith fans have until May 20 at 21:00 CET time to secure the bundle.

Out of the Void contains the legendary skins Liberator Wraith and Life Saver Kraber. The legendary Bobblehead Wraith and the epic weapon pendants Voidwalker Helmet are also offered. The typical price for all four items is 4,800 apex coins. However, the bundle is reduced by 35 percent, bringing the total to 3,120 coins. So much for the summer sales... Discounts, discounts, discounts!

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Maybe the next bundle will be dedicated to Mirage. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

This bundle principle seems familiar

With the bundle rotation system starting today, players can probably expect to see a different legend specific bundle next week.

While the discounted price is certainly appreciated, some players are asking for bundles that include new cosmetic content. This would definitely provide a greater incentive for fans to actually spend money. The launch of new skin lines in bundles is often seen in other popular titles like League of Legends and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

It is unclear whether Respawn will use this method for future apex skins. But since the principle has been copied from the competition, we can hope.

One thing is certain though and that's you can find more about Apex Legends, gaming and esports on EarlyGame.

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