The next legend is finally confirmed!

Apex Legends Season 6 Trailer Reveals Rampart

Rampart Apex Legends Season 6 trailer

Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

It has been months of speculation and data miners giving us leaks, but Rampart was finally revealed as the next legend with the trailer for Season 6 – Boosted.

Season 6 of Apex Legends is coming later this month on August 18. Respawn Entertainment made it clear with the latest launch trailer for the battle royale title. Not only that but we also got our first glimpse at Rampart.

Rampart Confirmed

That’s right, the long-rumored legend is finally good to go and by the looks of it she’ll bring along Sheila. The latter was found on a big billboard by players in-game and many wondered who Sheila is?

Sheila apex legends board

Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

Video credit: Youtube - Apex Legends

Now we have the answer, Sheila is Rampart’s trusty massive machine gun.

Rampart’s Abilities

We’ve already speculated a lot regarding Rampart’s abilities. One of them will definitely have something to do with Sheila. Here’s Rampart’s kit according to the latest leaks:

  • Amped Cover: Build cover with an upper barrier that blocks incoming shots and boosts the damage of outgoing shots.
  • Emplaced HMG/Sheila: Place a mounted machine gun that anyone can use. High ammo capacity, long reload time.
  • Fixer: Swapping to melee equips a wrench players can use to repair structures.
  • Cover Fire: Firing from the Amped Cover overcharges your weapon damage.
  • Gunner: Machine guns have increased magazine capacity and reload faster.

Now that’s a lot of skills, but three of them are passives. Amped Cover seems to be her tactical ability which will allow her to build cover. Judging by Fixer, the cover will be able to take damage, but you can repair it. In addition, firing from cover will overcharge your weapon damage. Gunner limits Rampart’s choice of weapon to machine guns whenever possible even though we don’t know how much the increased reload times and magazine capacity will be. Last but not least, her ultimate will probably allow her to place Sheila and tear anyone to shreds. It’s still unclear whether Sheila will only be usable by Rampart herself but we’ll soon find out.

Season 6 boosted apex legends rampart

Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

Season 6 will also bring a new Battle Pass, a new ranked season, the Volt SMG, and a crafting system. While Titanfall fans are probably the most excited about the beloved weapon making it to Apex, we’re more interested in the crafting system. It’ll allow players to collect materials around the map and build something better! Respawn is still rather cryptic with that message. Would it be new upgrades for weapons? New custom weapons? Who knows.

Stay tuned for more Apex Legends news and check out EarlyGame as well as the EarlyGame YouTube channel for everything gaming and esports.

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