Ramparts Kit looks promising…

Apex Legends Season 6: New Teaser for Rampart’s Skill Kit

Rampart Apex Legends Season 6

Offense is the best defense... or is it the other way around?

Today, we can finally play as Rampart in Apex Legends: The Outlands. The defensive ability kit is exactly what we have been waiting for. Remember, some things were previously known from the leaks and it will be nice to log in and get finally our hands on it.

Rampart joins Apex Legends Season 6 today, August 18, as another playable legend. She is the 14th legend in the battle royale shooter and her focus is clearly on the defensive capabilities.

Rampart's Abilities

Thanks to her abilities she can defend and hold the position for her squad on her own. She is a legendary bulwark! But enough talk, here are the new skills.

Tactical: Amped Cover

Rampart builds a protective wall that stops bullets but can also super-charge your outgoing attacks and you can place up to three of these barriers simultaneously.

Passive: Modded Loader

Ramparts passive extends the magazine of LMGs and their Minigun. It also shortens their reloading speed.

Ultimate: Emplaced Minigun “Sheila”

Offense is the best defense, especially with Rampart's Ultimate. She sets up Minigun on a tripod lowering her defense, but she can now cover a large area with precise Minigun fire. But beware! Her heavy mounted turret can also be easily taken by the enemy and used against your own team.

You can see what these abilities look like in this trailer:

With the toxic Caustic and the electrifying Wattson you should be the perfect trio with Rampart by your side. The new legend is sure to add some pep to Apex's Hero Pool, and we're looking forward to testing some new squad configurations soon.

Apex Legends Rampart, Caustic, Wattson Meme

Image credit: u/RhubardSucker via Reddit | Respawn Entertainment

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