A small Apex Legends update for the PS4

Apex Legends Patch Notes 1.35

Apex Legends Patch Notes 1 35

Apex Legends Patch 1.35 for PS4. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Small but nice for the users of the Sony console. The Apex Legends patch 1.35 doesn't bring much, except urgently needed bug fixes for the PS4.

Since last night, the Apex Legends update is available for download - at least for PS4 players. PC- or Xbox-One-users have nothing new to expect. But that's not too bad either, because as the patch notes show, Respawn Entertainment have removed some annoyances that only occur with the Sony console. We are looking for new content etc. in vain. That's no wonder as "The Old Ways" event is already set and done, but at least the Bloodhound Town Takeover remains.

Only two changes were outlined in the 1.35 patch notes. From now on the play selection will select trios by default, even after ranked matchmaking games or changing the legend. Some controls didn't work randomly up until the 1.35 update - especially after opening up a new loot box. A really annoying bug that had to be fixed as soon as possible since it was forcing players to do a restart when it occurred. Respawn Entertainment didn't wait until the next major Apex Legends update and all PS4 players are probably grateful.

The developers also made various crash fixes with this patch but did not give any details. Here is a brief overview of all three changes in the Apex Legends patch 1.35:

  • The play selection is set to trios after returning from a ladder game.
  • DPad/cursor menu controls now work after opening Loot etc.
  • Crash fixes

A nice small update that doesn't introduce anything new in terms of gameplay, mechanics, or lore since it's exclusively for the Sony console. Respawn have been quite responsive to console users lately as this is the second minor hotfix for this month after 1.34 fixed a challenge bug for The Old Ways yet again on the PS4.

PS4 users can finally relax as most crashes should be a thing of the past. All news about Apex Legends, like the Map Rotation and more can be found as always on EarlyGame.

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