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Apex Legends Mirage may get a rework soon

Apex Legends Mirage

Mirage gets a rework. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Mirage could be the first legend in Apex Legends to get a real rework. New leaks suggest that changes planned by Respawn could mean a complete makeover.

Does Mirage need a rework?

The legend with the holograms has had a hard time finding his place in the meta from the beginning.

The fact that even the new legends Revenant and Wattson outdo him in almost every way does not make it any easier for him. His big hitbox, as well as his rather limited abilities, make him an increasingly unpopular pick. Mirage's win rate has recently dropped to just 2.4%, which is pathetic indeed.

How to fix Mirage

Besides some minor bug fixes, Respawn hasn't changed anything about Mirage for a long time which made fans of the legend furious. Many demanded that Mirage is rescued. One fan even made his own suggestions on how to improve the legend.

Mirage buff concept idea apex legends

This fan has very specific suggestions for improving the capabilities of Mirage. (Image credit: Reddit/u/Dicephalon)

In principle, he proposes a revision of all the abilities, so that the holograms, which are currently very easy to recognize, look a little more realistic. Especially interesting is the demand that his ultimate be replaced by the "Emergency Dance Party" from Dummies Big Day game mode during the Grand Soiree Event. This would mean that the Ulti spawns five holograms, which then imitate the movements of the real character.

Did Respawn listen?

Now, the data miner iLootGames has released a video in which he talks about a possible planned rework of Mirage:

Video credit: Youtube - iLootGames

He says that buffs for Mirage have been confirmed by Respawn and that he will most likely get the above mentioned "Emergency Dance Party" as a skill. However, he doesn't know if it is intended as a tactical ability or as a replacement for his old ultimate. The same iLootGames also stressed again that it wouldn't be just a buff, but a complete rework of the legend.

Since major changes in the past have always been accompanied by major updates, we can probably hope that the rework will be introduced with Season 5, which is expected to drop in May. Of course, the buffs can change significantly until the release as this is just a leak so take it with a grain of salt. So far, Respawn has only confirmed that Mirage will be taken care of. In what way, though, remains to be seen.

You can check out the latest teaser of the upcoming Season 5. For more Apex news, check out EarlyGame.

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