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Apex Legends: Legacy of a Thief

Legacy of a thief

Loba as seen in the latest trailer. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Loba is most definitely the next legend to join the Apex Legends roster as Respawn released the latest Stories from the Outlands – Legacy of a Thief.

Apex Legends is currently in its last week of Season 4, with Season 5 expected to begin on May 12. Last Friday, the game received a brand-new video – Stories from the Outlands – Legacy of a Thief. It sheds some light on Loba’s backstory.

Video credit: Respawn Entertainment

Loba's all grown up

Legacy of a Thief picks off where we last saw Loba, near her father’s dead body. After Revenant murdered her parents in the Season 4 trailer, the girl was put in a foster family. Despite having a rather normal life and making some close friends, she never forgot the damage done by the simulacrum and her tale will be one of revenge. Loba’s main goal and motivation will no doubt be to kill Revenant.

Loba season 5

Loba as seen in the Season 5 preview, just like Forge was. Hopefully she won't follow the same fate. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Will Respawn cheat us again?

If you had any doubts about what’s the next legend to join Apex, it’s most definitely going to be Loba. But dear writer, I hear you say, what about Season 4 and Forge? The cases are indeed quite similar as even Forge himself had a Stories from the Outlands interview where he got murdered.

Currently, though, Loba’s the only possible choice as she makes perfect sense storywise. Furthermore, we’ve had one too many leaks about her character models and skills over the last few months, something which was only partially true about Forge. So what are the chances that Respawn pulls the same trick again? Low, but there. Loba’s skill kit has only been speculated so far, but one of her abilities will most likely be the teleport we see in the trailer. Others include seeing through walls, locating loot, and an ultimate which will supposedly steal loot from other players.

Apex Legends is currently running the Battle Armor event which gives every player the same starting armor and removes all armor from the loot table. The event will conclude Season 4, as the official start of Season 5 is scheduled for May 12. Stay tuned for more Apex Legends news.

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