A problem which ruins the experience for many

Apex Legends is having some serious no reg issues

Apex no reg

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The battle royale by Respawn Entertainment recently entered Season 5 and just like everyone expected a whole new world of bugs was revealed. The latest one is the no reg.

So far each season of Apex Legends has presented tons of new features along with new legends a brand-new map or map reworks and much much more. Many players were itching to get their hands on Season 5, the newly introduced Loba and the PvE mode. While that wish eventually came true, it’s accompanied by a bug which makes the whole thing unenjoyable. We’re talking about the problematic no reg.

No reg stands for “no register” - you aim at a target and shoot precisely at it but the game doesn’t register your shot(s) and the target takes no damage. As you can probably imagine no reg is a big issue in a title that very much revolves around shooting. The development team is quite aware of the issue and even made a post about it on Twitter.

This announcement came on May 18 and as of the writing of this article, the problem still persists. Apex had some other issues like connectivity on the different problems which were resolved in the meantime. We can only imagine that something as important as shots not being registered will now be a top priority for the developers.

Respawn haven’t made another announcement since then, so we can only hope that a patch will drop in the nearby week or so. Until then players can either take a risk by playing with a high chance of their shots not being registered. For ranked matchmaking, it’ll all be decided by RNG and that’s not something most people would want. If you’re feeling particularly lucky then go give it a shot. This isn’t the first time a bug is plaguing the battle royale as almost every time after a big patch there are some underlying issues that break certain parts of the gameplay.

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