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Apex Legends is coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam this fall

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Our predictions were correct. Respawn Entertainment announced Thursday that Apex Legends is coming to both the Steam platform and the Nintendo Switch console this fall.

Apex Legends fans can finally rejoice as almost every big request will be fulfilled by the end of the year. During the EA Play event yesterday, Respawn Entertainment made some big announcements regarding the battle royale game. Ever since the release of Apex back in February 2019, players have been asking for a cross-play feature. Their requests were answered.

Everything is coming this fall

The cross-play feature is coming this fall and players from consoles and PC will finally be able to meet in the field of battle. That’s not all though, as a Steam release is also in the works. We’ve already mentioned the GladOS potato which gave us a hint of the transition to Steam.

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Currently, the only way to play Apex Legends is through EA’s platform – Origin. This will change in a couple of months when we expect a huge influx of new players to join the free to play title through Steam. Valve’s platform is still the biggest one in the world and most people are quite used to it. For many Origin being the only way to play, Apex was a no go. If you check Steam right now you’ll be able to find Apex Legends in the store, so make sure to add it to your wishlist. This way you’ll get notified automatically upon its release.

Last but not least, there’s also the release of Apex Legends on a new console and that’s the Nintendo Switch.

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One last thing, let’s make it official. We’re huge fans of Nintendo here at Respawn and we’re incredibly excited to be bringing Apex Legends to the Switch this fall. And we’ll share more details in the months ahead.

That’s one additional source of new players, an entirely new console. In theory, the release on Steam and Switch might increase the number of active players by hundreds of thousands if not millions. There’s just one question among all the good news. Balance. PC enthusiasts will most likely have a much better aim on average. The only way to address this is through aim assist on consoles. Hopefully, we’ll get more updates on the matter as the months roll by. If you've missed the big reveals for Apex during EA Play yesterday, then check this video!

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