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Apex Legends: How to solve the "Return to Skulltown" quest

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It is Wednesday and you know what that means, a new quest in Apex Legends’ PvE mode. This time players get to Return to Skulltown and see it for the last time.

The Broken Ghost quest chain which was introduced with Season 5 of Apex Legends is still going. Each week players get a new quest and they have to go dig up another artifact. This time it’s “Return to Skulltown”.

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Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

Skulltown was removed in Season 5 and there’s only a gaping hole in the sea as it apparently sank. Thanks to the current quest, fans will get to re-experience their old favorite location. The hunt drops you on one side of Skulltown and you have to make your way through to the objective. The initial loadout here is quite solid as players will start with upgraded versions of the R-301 and the RE-45. Checking out the nearby buildings is a good idea as there’s golden gear to be found inside the first one. Prowlers along the way won’t be much of a challenge if you hit your shots, but even if you get surrounded there’s plenty of high ground to retreat to. Pathfinder is an excellent choice here as his tactical ability will easily get you out of trouble.

Note that the drill is located on the roof of the building. Once you get there it’s the usual – activate it, survive for a minute, and leave with the artifact. Loot boxes around the harvester contain golden weapons like the Mastiff and the Devotion which make it easy to deal with the hordes of shadow prowlers. After you complete the quest you’ll be rewarded with another piece of lore called “The Shattered Spirit”.

Video credit: Warby Gaming

The Broken Ghost is still two weeks away from its finale, but players might already know the big twist. Apex Legends leaker Shrugtal revealed an interesting piece of information found during the latest hunt.

While the name might be hard to spot it’s certainly there and it spells “Ash”. Ash was one of the antagonists (also a simulacrum like Revenant) in the single-player campaign of Titanfall 2. For anyone unfamiliar, Apex Legends is often seen as a continuation of the story set up by the Titanfall series. Respawn Entertainment developed both titles and it has been clear for some time that both games take place in the same universe. The devs have also left previous clues leading to Ash like the name Vinson Dynamics in one of the previous hunts. There are still two hunts left before the conclusion of The Broken Ghost and we still might get a surprise twist.

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