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Apex Legends: How to Complete the Penultimate Hunt

Apex Legends Loba Wraith penultimate hunt

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The Apex Legends Broken Ghost PvE quest line is about to come to an end with only one final week remaining. Here’s what to expect in the penultimate hunt.

Season 5 of Apex Legends introduced some PvE content with an entire quest chain - the first one being "The Broken Ghost". Each week a new hunt is introduced, which when completed rewards players with another piece of lore and some cosmetics. This time it’s the “Air Support” quest and here’s how you can complete it.

The penultimate hunt starts just like any other one, with your character getting dropped from the ship. Onto another ship. From there it’s a high jump to reach the ground, but luckily Apex Legends has no fall damage. The initial loadout for the mission consists of an upgraded Spitfire and Charge Rifle. You won’t be able to pick Wraith or Revenant pick for this quest, but any other legend is a good choice. If you prefer being stationary just go for Lifeline and don’t worry about healing.

apex legends hunt 8 dropship jump

Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

Once you’re down you’ll have to eliminate at least 8 prowlers (maybe because it’s the eighth quest) before you continue further. After you’re done, get to the harvester and start extracting the artifact. There are numerous gold weapons scattered nearby like a Prowler, EVA-8 Auto, and others, so simply pick the one you feel most comfortable with. Stay alive and wait for the drill to finish. When all the digging is done, head to the dropship and feel free to ignore all the prowlers coming at you. There’s one big zip line you’ll have to use in order to get to the ship and that’s basically it. You've done it!

After you’re done with the quest, the next piece of lore, The Unwavering Protector, will be unlocked. It’s one of the longer ones, but feel free to check it out below.

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Next week we’ll see the end of the questline and just like many other fans we’re expecting an epic finale. Will Revenant die? Will Ash be the big reveal? Who knows? Tell us your opinion on our Facebook page.

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