Who has his own Mini-Bloodhound or Pathfinder?

Apex Legends has its own Mini Epics from Weta Workshop

Apex Mini Epics

Bangalore, Bloodhound und Mirage. (Image credit: Weta Workshop)

Weta Workshop is known for its masks, figures and props in movies like Lord of the Rings, Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell and many more. Lately, the New Zealand company also produces Mini Epics - from selected Apex legends.

Weta Workshop not only designs costumes, masks and props for movies but also develops table-top games, merchandising and collector's figures. The New Zealanders produce figures for films they have worked on, but also for various video games such as Borderlands, Tomb Raider, Warcraft, and even Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Mini Epics

Already in February, three legends from Respawn's Battle Royal Apex Legends were added to their Mini Epics series. The characters in this series are vinyl and comic-style and range in height from 15cm to 20cm. The regular price for all figures in the Mini Epics series is €29.99.

Video credit: Youtube - Weta Workshop

Bangalore, Bloodhound, and Mirage are available in this series. Right at the beginning of The Old Ways event at Apex Legends, Respawn raffled off several Bloodhound Minis. From now until the end of April, all three characters are available in the Weta Workshop shop at a 20% discount.

Figures of fandom

If you don't like the very cute comic look and want your collector's figures as close as possible to the original, Weta is the right place for you.

Wraith und Lifeline Figures of Fandom

Wraith and Lifeline from the Figures of Fandom series. (Image credit: Weta Workshop)

In the series Figures of Fandom the legends Wraith, Lifeline and Pathfinder come to life. These figures look exactly like their models in Apex Legends, are made of high-quality PVC, and are between 20cm and 30cm tall depending on the pose. However, at 92.65€ they cost almost three times as much as the Mini Epics.

Micro epics

And that is still not all. Pathfinder has been a fan-favorite character not only in-game, but also in the Micro Epics series from Weta Workshop.

Pathfinder articulated

Pathfinder as an epic figure. (Image credit: Weta Workshop)

The figure is, as the name of the series suggests, very small - 6cm. In contrast to the rows mentioned above, it is also able to move. Arms, legs, head, and torso can be turned and brought into different poses. This figure costs 16,67€ and is, therefore, the cheapest alternative.

For all Apex Legends fans out there, now is the perfect time to get one or all of the Epic Mini figures. Stay tuned for more Apex Legends news and make sure to check on EarlyGame.

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