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Apex Legends Global Series online events get a prize pool

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In light of recent ongoing events, Respawn Entertainment have postponed yet another big event. To make up for it, online events part of the Apex Legends Global Series will now have a prize pool of their own.

The global coronavirus pandemic is still a major concern in most countries and events continue to be either canceled or postponed. Apex Legends is no exception to this rule as it all started with the cancelation of the Arlington Texas Major. More news were revealed recently as Respawn announced that the Premier event which was set to take place April 24-26 in Paris will also be postponed.

The Premier tournament was supposed to offer $100,000 in prize money. To make it up to players Respawn added rewards to Online events part of the Global Series. While the initial plan was those $100,000, Respawn changed their mind and sweetened the pot to $300,000 distributed among the eight competitive regions. Here’s how the ranking and rewards went:

Europe and North America

  1. $21,600
  2. $13,200
  3. $8,400
  4. $6,000
  5. $4,800
  6. $4,200
  7. $3,600
  8. $3,000
  9. $2,400
  10. $1,800


  1. $10,800
  2. $6,600
  3. $4,200
  4. $3,000
  5. $2,400

Respawn also mentioned that this won’t affect the prize pool of the postponed Premier tournament and it will still offer at least $100,000 just like it was initially planned. In addition to the big increase in prize pool, Online tournaments will also award ALGS (Apex Legends Global Series) points. The latter are still important as ALGS points will be the determining factor for who’s going to receive a direct invitation to one of the next events and the final tournament for the year.

The company is currently trying its best to adapt to the unprecedented situation and their main focus, for now, will be to restructure online events. We might even potentially see more online tournaments pop up if the situation with the virus doesn’t get under control soon.

We’ve spent some time talking about Online tournament #2, but did you know that registration for Online tournament #3 starts tomorrow? Starting from March 24 the registrations will be closed in April. The third event is scheduled to take place April 4-6 and details about rewards aren’t still clear, but Respawn will probably give another update in the next two weeks.

If you ever thought about making a team and competing in Apex, now might be the best time. You won’t have to travel and everything will be happening online. As always stay tuned for more updates.

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