Apex Legends Global Series is coming in 2020

Apex Legends Global Series

Apex Legends Global Series details revealed. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

2020 already shapes out to be a great year for Apex Legends. EA have revealed their plans for a number of competitive events dubbed the Apex Legends Global Series.

Video credit: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is going global

Apex Legends Global Series structure

Image credit: EA

It seems like the popular Battle Royale will have a total of 12 global live events throughout the year. Four of these will be Majors with 100 teams each (300 players) and offering a $500,000 prize pool. The fourth and final Major will serve as a grand final of the year. There, only the top 60 teams will participate for a chance to grab a piece of the $1 million.

Qualifiers for the first Apex Legends Major tournament will be held on January 25 and 27 with registrations starting January 11. The opening Major is planned for March 13-15, 2020, at Esports Stadium Arlington, TX, USA.

Apex Legends Global Series Major structure

Image credit: EA

Apex Legends Global Series event types explained

Online events – These will be the entry-level points as described on the official website. Performing well in online events will net teams Apex Legends Global Series Points. These will be the deciding factor whether they qualify for live events.

Challenger events – This type of events will focus heavily on regional talent, giving locals a chance to shine. Winners will be rewarded with a reserved slot at an upcoming Major.

Premier events – A natural follow up to the Challenger series, the top teams from each region will play against one another. Top performers will gain extra Apex Legends Global Series Points which will guarantee them advanced placement invitations to the Majors.

Majors – Last but certainly not least are the Majors. Offering the biggest prize pools and the harshest competition. Only the best will make it through. All Majors and Premier tournaments, along with some Online events will be live-streamed.

Eligible regions and countries

In order to participate in the Apex Legends Global Series competitors must meet the PC system requirements. You also need to be a legal resident of one of the 60 eligible countries Also, you have to abide by the Official Rules. You can check the list of eligible countries below:

Apex Legends Global Series: participating countries

Residents from more than 60 countries can join the Apex Legends Global Series events. (Image credit: EA)

Expect further updates from EarlyGame as EA reveal more information about the future of the Apex Legends Global Series. Stay tuned.

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