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Among Us: What Is It, Why Is It So Popular & How to Play It - Everything You Need to Know


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What is Among Us and why is it so popular? Good question. Very good question. Among Us is the latest super-mega hit to take Twitch by storm and this after the game has been out for two whole years with a June 2018 release date! But why is Among Us so popular now all of a sudden? The game literally had an average of 15 concurrent viewers for October 2019 and now it sits at 180k concurrent viewers for September 2020. That is, frankly, insane! This little indie gem developed by InnerSloth simply soared in popularity after the right people played it. xQc played it, Ninja played it, CouRage played, DrLupo, Sodapoppin and… basically everybody. Now, with a game like Among Us, one person can’t play the game by itself. Thus, naturally, streamers invite their buddies and when several big streamers come together… well, then the numbers start to stack up for insane viewership numbers.

Add to that the severe intensity of the game that simply begs for people to go over the edge and you’ve got a recipe for guaranteed viewer entertainment. Among Us is essentially a social experiment that just begs for your attention and with so many people stuck at home, the timing couldn’t better.

Now, on the heels of this success story, InnerSloth are already getting ready for Among Us 2 which is to be released in 2021.

We can’t wait and neither can we wait for some more Among Us office squabbles.

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