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Among Us vs Fall Guys! (Oh and something about the PS5)

Recap 16 10 20

Fall Guys is dead, long live Among Us. (Image Credit: InnerSloth, Mediatonic, Sony)

What a week. Or am I just saying that as a standard phrase to start this entry? Let’s find out by going over this week's highlights.

Now this is funny: Fall Guys was the sleeper hit of the year, that is until Among Us became the biggest sleeper hit of the year… Now, Fall Guys is slumping around while Among Us is riding high and both of them find themselves as two of the biggest news of the week. One for getting an update and the other one for… wait, why am I giving all this away in the intro? Anyway, that happened and also Sony revealed the PS5 menu. Good, golly, let’s do this:

Fall Guys... u dead bro?

So remember how Fall Guys was the game of the year? We remember, because we milked that cow hard: 10 videos, countless articles, oh yes... we drummed that hype machine like something fierce. Now, Fall Guys has gone from 150k concurrent viewers in August to probably not making 20k concurrent Twitch viewers this month. What happened, I don't hear you ask, because how could I over the internet as I'm typing this...? Well: Among Us happened. That and Fall Guys' free PS-Plus run ran out and people realized they don't want to spend $20 to barely take control of jelly-beans that look and move like they're straight out of an LSD trip. Not that I would know anything about LSD trips...

Now here we are with some doctor's orders to developer Mediatonic: Make the game free to play, release it on mobile and Xbox because, particularly the latter, are just pitifully clinging on to the three fun games they have, and release it cross-platform. You'll make a big splash again and can then sell the game to Epic for $$$ to cruise on into early retirement. You're welcome.

Why is Fall Guys dead? Well... that video link up there ain't gon' click itself.

Now even the colorblind are welcome Among Us

In a brave - and economically dumb - move, InnerSloth scrapped the sequel to Among Us at a time when everybody and their 18th century ancestors would've bought it. Instead, the nice gents 'n lads are giving us all the Among Us 2 content for free by including it in Among Us 1.

Kids: This is not how capitalism works.

They made true on their promise and put some updates into beta-testing: A colorblind mode, an anonymous voting feature and the ability to hide the taskbar. Now, the game grooming liars, cheaters and, well.... basically future world leaders... is finally accessible by just about all the gamers. Integration! We. Love. It.

Beta testing is easy to access for impatient Steam players with just a few clicks and will roll out for everyone else, mobile & PC, some time this month. There. I just gave you literally everything that's in the video. But, feel free to click it anyway, because clicks pay bills and we're trynna keep the lights on <3 .

PS5 News. Because we know what you really want

If you're anything like us, you are a 21st century original with no patience. Yes, the PS5 is only less than a month away. But... wait for it to release? Ain't nobody got time for dat. We want news and we want them now. Luckily... we got them. More specifically, we got treated to a first glance at the PS5 menu. It's much easier to look at it than it is for me to describe it, but, already, it makes the PS4 design feel clunky. That's what you want, right? For the new thing, to make the old thing look clunky. Or is that just what my ex told me when she introduced me to her new boyfriend?

Yes, no video, reading time for this one - READ MORE: PlayStation 5: Sony Finally Shows the Main Menu of the Console

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