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Among Us FINALLY Gets an Update I Colorblind Mode & More


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Among Us finally gets an update: We will get a colorblind mode, anonymous voting and the option to hide the taskbar. This definitely opens up some gameplay possibilities and the colorblind mode in particular is an accessibility feature that a lot of people have been waiting for. Understandable: Imagine playing a game like Among Us without being able to differentiate the colors.

This update comes after developer InnerSloth has announced that the game will not get a sequel. Instead, the developer will put all the elements that would've been included in said sequel into the current game.

Currently, the updates are still in the beta testing phase and only available on PC. PC players can simply right-click the game in their steam library to access the public beta.

Mobile players will have to wait until the updates get fully released some time this month.

More updates will surely come soon, as we are still waiting for server upgrades and a friend/account adding service.

Credits to YouTubers Ked Mervin & Blitz for the Among Us footage :)

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