The Russian Lord of the Arena

Aleksey "ShtanUdachi" Barsukov is top in Hearthstone Arena and Battlegrounds

Shtan udachi arena

Aleksey "ShtanUdachi" Barsukov lifting the 2017 Winter Championship trophy. (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Russian Hearthstone pro player ShtanUdachi has risen all the way to the top in the current Arena standings.

While all players are waiting for the big announcement coming for the future of Hearthstone, pro players are busy duking it out on the competitive ladders. Announcements are all fine and dandy but there are opponents to defeat!

A score that's tough to beat

Popular Hearthstone pro player representing Team Spirit – Aleksey “ShtanUdachi” Barsukov – is the current top-ranking Hearthstone Arena player for the Europe server as reported by Blizzard Entertainment in a recent article.

He’s risen way above the rest with a massive average win rate of 9.3 (out of 12 games in each Arena run). The Russian pro is followed by players Mike with 8.80 and Glynn with 8.53 average wins. That is a massive lead that many will struggle to top!

Two thrones

On top of that, the Russian Hearthstone pro also reached the top rank in the Hearthstone’s Battlegrounds play mode:

Shtan udachi battlegrounds

ShtanUdachi’s first place. (Image credit: ShtanUdachi via Twitter)

Barsukov took to Twitter to celebrate his achievement, commenting that despite the nerf of the Mech archetypes, he was still able to win with it. In the wake of Hearthstone Battlegrounds going full Dragon, Mechs fell behind a bit but it appears that the nerf didn’t weaken them all that much. Supporters of the star commented that his victory wasn’t a surprise.

ShtanUdachi is probably best known for his Winter Championship title during the 2017 Hearthstone Championship Tour. Since then, he’s been playing professionally but his focus shifted from constructed (using pre-build decks) to limited play (Arena).

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