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Valorant Killjoy Agent Leak: Here's What He Sounds Like

Valorant Killjoy Agent Leak Sound

Valorant Act II might bring Killjoy out of the dark. (Image credit: Valorant Leaks and Updates via Twitter)

Thanks to some data miner busy bees we know that there are hints in the game files about the next Valorant Agent. He is known under the alias "Killjoy" and is supposed to be published soon.

Valorant Patch 1.03 has been available for a few days now. We got updates on weapons like the Guardian and minor changes in the maps. Of course, such a patch brings new game files and they have been combed through by a few good people and these good people have struck gold.

There are leaks. Massive leaks. Apparently, we may be able to pause the game soon. But much more important than this feature is the new agent, which has been speculated about for quite some time.

Since Reyna was brought into the game as a new addition, everyone's wondering when the next agent will arrive. Most likely this will be with the beginning of Valorant Act 2 on August 2. The silhouette of the new agent can be seen and speculation about what the agent is capable of has of course spread like germs. The overwhelming description is that it is going to be a tech character that can send out drones and contains many mechanical elements.

We got some cool visuals too. There are flash animations on Twitter that are supposed to belong to Killjoy.

And even that’s not all. Audio of the new character has also surfaced on YouTube:

We pretty much have everything but the actual name of the character and his specific design. If any of this is to go by, however, we should get that too sooner than later.

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