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Activision Remove Shipment 24/7 With New Playlist Update

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Co D Bomb Plant Moshpit

New playlists are cool and all, but the people want their bloody Shipment 24/7 back! (Image credit: Activision)

The weekly Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone update brings Gunfight Tournaments back to the fold. There are of course the mandatory playlists, bundles etc. as well, but the big news is the renoval of Shipment 24/7 that made everyone "happy".


Gunfight Tournaments are back in Modern Warfare. It's played 2v2 as usual and if you manage to win four or more matches in a row, some cool rewards await you. The Gunfight Building Plans playlist will remain active for those who wish to practice beforehand.

For all those who like bombs, the Bomb Plant Moshpit Playlist is coming. Only game modes with bombs are played here, so prepare for some Search & Destroy, Cyber Attack and Demolition action. If you want a little bit of a change from the simple all-over-the-place-bombing and want a bit of tactical depth, you can let off steam in this playlist.

Another Playlist has been added – Realism Gun Game, where you shoot with a series of blueprint weapons – the usual stuff for Gun Game. The Playlist Update is rounded off by the Dirty Old Houseboat Playlist, where non-stop Rust, Shipment and Shoot House are played.

Before you get all excited, Activision have a little surprise for you. Since we can now play Shipment and Shoot House within the new playlist, Shipment 24/7 and Shoot House 24/7 are once again out of the game. As if that won’t get fans mad. Juggernaut Royale is also out of order, replaced by Blood Money Quads.

The recently added 200 player Quads playlist in Warzone will remain active. A new Intel Data mission called Hidden Cargo has also been added – track down certain data and get a lot of XP in return.


Activision announced two new bundles with this update. The SERE Kit: Plunder Player bundle contains the Alabaster blueprint for the Grau 5.56 and the White Light blueprint for the AX50. As with all SERE Kit bundles, the included Calling Card is a loadout perfectly suited to the theme of the kit. This time for the Plunder Mode.

SERE Kit Plunder Player

The SERE Kit: Plunder Player bundle is designed specifically for Plunder Mode. (Image credit: CoD Tracker)

The second bundle is called Blood in the Water and revolves entirely around the great white shark. The Feeding Frenzy blueprint for the R9-0 has a cool shark skin, the Calling Card and the emblem are adorned by the white shark.

So tell us, how pissed are you exactly that Shipment 24/7 is out of the game again?

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