The spring's last-place team looked cool, calm and collected

A good start to the summer for Team Vitality

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After a very disappointing spring split, Team Vitality start the summer split on a high note with a win against FC Schalke 04.

The spring was not kind to either of the teams, but while Schalke eventually found their stride and had several surprising wins after the first few weeks, Team Vitality languished at the bottom of the table and ended with a 2:16 record

It looked like the French team’s woes would continue after Schalke took first blood 8 minutes in against Vitality’s new mid laner Aljoša "Milica" Kovandžić. However, the German team failed to capitalize and the game eventually stalled into a slow mid-game where both teams were content to farm and scale.

The parity was finally broken 27 minutes in as Vitality caught the enemy support Risto "Nukes" Luuri (who fans might know for his former nickname, SirNukesALot). The allowed Vitality to secure the baron and while they were not able to get much immediately, they improved their position on the map and slowly started strangling Schalke. A long standoff ended with a second baron going to the French squad nine minutes later, and shortly after they secured the ocean soul as well. It was a slow game, but Schalke were never able to get their foot in the door until they finally broke in a fight 44 minutes in where Vitality got four kills and quickly ended the game.

It was a welcome victory for Vitality fans, not just because of the won game but also because this is the kind of controlled game that they would often throw in the spring. Schalke, meanwhile, picked a composition that could be deadly when ahead but were not able to play the map and get the backline access they needed.

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