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A 4K Nintendo Switch Is Coming in 2021!?


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We are getting a 4K Nintendo Switch! How do we know this? Well, after Bloomberg reported on the possibility according to some Nintendo inside leaks, we now have official information that backs the rumors: Nintendo has officially asked developers to get the Switch games 4K ready and Nintendo is seriously - seriously - ramping up their original game production.

What would the current Switch do with 4K games? We don’t see Nintendo having developers develop their titles for other systems, so that all but confirms that a 4K-capable Switch must be on the way. Right…?

If Bloomberg is anything to go by, then that new Nintendo Switch will come our way in the first quarter of 2021. It’d make sense, because Nintendo has nothing to gain from leaving the market entirely to the PS5 and the Xbox Series S / X.

Maybe they will announce the new Nintendo Switch as surprisingly and out of the blue as they did with Mario Bros 35, the new Mario Kart and the newly announced Zelda Game: Hyrule Warriors. And not to forget the game that Youtuber BeatEmUps already teased!

Only time will tell. For now, you can watch our coverage on Nintendo’s 35th Mario anniversary here:

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