With the Alpha officially finished, there are 5 things we NEED in Wild Rift

The 5 things we NEED in LoL Wild Rift

League of Legends
Wild Rift Jax

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League of Legends Wild Rift concluded its EarlyGame Alpha recently, and with PC League of Legends fans excited for the roll-out of the Beta, there are a few things players want in the mobile and console release.

Riot Games is taking the gaming industry by storm at the moment, with popular FPS shooter Valorant enjoying immense popularity. Among other games, Riot Games is working on Wild Rift, a shorter console version of its big brother League of Legends.

We've given extensive coverage on it already, but with the Alpha over and the Beta expected sometime soon, there are several things we at EarlyGame want to see in this mobile LoL game. We even have an extensive video covering everything Wild Rift, so if watching Wild Rift is more enjoyable, we have you covered.

League of Legends: Wild Rift Alpha is OUT NOW! While we have you, give us a sub, it really helps!

But enough about that, there are Wild Rift things we need to discuss. Important Wild Rift things. So, here are five things we NEED in Wild Rift!

5) New modes!

Wild Rift Ahri

Image credit: Riot Games

Riot Games, we know you see us, we know you know that we are excited for Wild Rift. What would make the game that more different from its counterpart on PC would be mobile-exclusive game modes!

Naturally, we do not expect everything right away, but we can dream, right? Games will be short, between 15-20 mins max, so ideally, a mode like Nexus Blitz would be perfect! We understand that its small steps at the moment, but we'll give you that one for free.

4) Exclusive skins!

Wild Rift Ashe and Trynd

Image credit: Riot Games

Here is what Communications Lead Riot Draggles had to say:

"With Wild Rift's rebuilt models, textures and animations, along with the 3D model viewer in the collection page, players will have more ways to interact with their favorite skins than ever before."

Listen Riot Games, we know you've got this one in consideration already, but we're putting it here because, with only 40 champions confirmed so far, we need more pretty things.

Seasoned veteran LoL players may have noticed that the images used in this article are remade splash-arts exclusively for Wild Rift with plenty more on the way, so why stop there! We need those exclusive skins Riot Games, give them to us.

3) Wild Rift on IOS

LoL Wild Rift Ziggs

Image credit: Riot Games

You cannot avoid it forever, Riot! We NEED Wild Rift on IOS, when will we get it! The Alpha has us so excited we nearly exploded, and still might if we are honest with you. A lot of League of Legends fans own an IOS device, so while we understand Android had first pick, you can't forget about Apple now!

2) Wild Rift Clash when?

Wild rift screen

Image credit; Riot Games

We know, we know, LoL Clash has had delay after delay for PC, but we would LOVE Clash in Wild Rift. Having those 15-20 min tournament games could be huge!

With companies investing more in mobile esports, Riot Games could even make a smaller esports series exclusive for Wild Rift. Think of the possibilities! Rewards could be smaller as the games would be so quick, but it would incentivize more connectivity between players and League of Legends.

1) A release date!

Lo L Wild Rift thumbnail

Image credit: Riot Games

Wild Rift 2020 is not good enough, Riot Games. We are so excited to have more League of Legends content, on mobile of all places, that we need to see a release date in Wild Rift! Tell us when it is coming out! We can expect a Beta sometime soon, yes, but we need that official date.

Are you excited for Wild Rift? We sure are! Let us know what about Wild Rift you're most excited about on our Facebook page.

For everything else Wild Rift, keep it here with EarlyGame.

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