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5 LoL Champions That NEED a Rework NOW!

League of Legends

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Sigh... Riot Games and the balancing of champions. The further development and redesign of champion kits is simply a science in itself. But true League of Legends veterans have problems with the outdated kits of some of the older champions in the game. It seems Riot Developers have completely overlooked these champions. Or do they simply not care about some champions anymore because they are not well received in the community and don't put any more money in their pockets? Has the balance team simply forgotten our former heroes?

Riot Games is developing more and more new champions, with super unique and cool kits. The recent release of Samira's skills has proven this once again. But what about the old champions? Where is the love for 8-10-year-old veterans that were there when the game started? Here are our top 5 champions in desperate need of a rework!

The kit of a champion consists of all his skills and passives. Like the game and the map, the designers and new champions evolve. Skills are becoming more complex, cooler, and more universal. So, it can happen that the kit of a 5-10-year-old champion simply fails due to the ever-changing state of the game. Often a so-called rework takes place - the developers take the kit of the old champion again, improve it and adapt it. Most of the time a reworked champion also gets a new look.

However, with some of our darlings we’ve been waiting for a very long time – not to say forever – and there seems to be no rework in sight.


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