The 2019 LoL Worlds swept the world by a storm

2019 LoL Worlds breaks viewership record

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LoL Worlds again break viewership record (Image credit: Riot Games)

The 2019 LoL Worlds finals were the most-watched League of Legends match in the game’s 10-year history.

2019 LoL Worlds record stats

2019 LoL Worlds record viewership stats. (Image credit: Riot Games)

LoL developer Riot Games recently published its viewership figures for the 2019 Worlds Finals and the numbers are staggering. In the graphics provided by Riot, the highest peak for concurrent viewers globally was a whopping 44 million with the average minute audience being 21.8 million. The average minute audience, or AMA, is a method used to calculate the average viewership of a broadcast, determined by minutes watched divided by the total number of viewers. With 2020’s League of Legends World Championship confirmed to take place in Shanghai it's safe to assume the numbers will only continue to climb.

2019 LoL Worlds record most picked

2019 LoL Worlds record most picked champions (Image credit: Riot Games)

Also, 2019’s Worlds was the highest in terms of champion pick and ban rates, with it being at 99, compared to last year’s 90. Riot Games released a video on the full breakdown of LoL Worlds 2019.

A record breaking LoL 2019 Worlds Championship (Video credit: Riot Games)

The Worlds Finals were broadcasted in 16 languages across more than 20 platforms globally. 2019 Worlds was a huge success for Riot Games and it’s safe to assume 2020 will be no different. Though quick, the games between Europe and China was enough to make it the most-watched finals in League of Legends esports history. We here at EarlyGame hope Europe continues to dominate and hopefully take us all the way to victory. We shouldn’t remind you but Europe last won Worlds way back in 2011 where Fnatic took a prize pool of $99,500, which is quite slim when compared to today’s winnings.

Let’s bring it home, Europe.

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