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A $200,000 Valorant Twitch Rivals event is on the way

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Valorant is out of beta and about to get an official release on June 2. At the end of the same week Riot have announced a $200,000 Twitch Rivals event.

We’ve already seen numerous Valorant events (organized by G2, T1 and others) while the game was in closed beta. Riot’s tactical shooter is currently offline with the servers being under maintenance. The game’s big launch will happen on June 2 and Riot have already planned ahead with what’s about to be the biggest Valorant event so far.

Prize pools of past events were rather on the low side. The former were also limited to a certain region. That won’t be the case with the Twitch Rivals Valorant event. Valorant kicked off with a Twitch Rivals event and it only makes sense to celebrate the official release with another one.

Following the link in the tweet above will get you to the Summer Game Fest on Twitch where we find out the name of the event – Twitch Rivals Valorant Showdown. Here’s the description:

After a record breaking closed beta, Riot Game’s 5v5 character-based tactical shooter VALORANT is launching on June 2. To celebrate, Twitch Rivals is collaborating with Riot to execute the first set of competitive events for VALORANT on its grand opening weekend. These events will span the globe, with participation from some of your favorite creators in North America, Brazil, LATAM, Europe, Korea, and Japan.

With $200,000 on the line, this will be the biggest Valorant tournament, but chances are the prize pools in the future will get even bigger. Unlike events in the closed beta, this one will include players from all regions. The only sad thing about is that when we say players, it’ll be once again strictly limited to content creators, streamers and pro players. This leaves the majority of the players out of the question, for now, that is. Riot still haven’t announced anything new for the Valorant competitive scene, but maybe that will soon change with the game’s launch this Tuesday. The Twitch Rivals Valorant Showdown will most likely happen next weekend on June 6-7. The number of teams per region and any names haven’t been revealed yet.

Stay tuned for more Valorant news and check out EarlyGame for more content.

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