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14-year-old pro Kquid banned after cheating in FNCS

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During FNCS, Fortnite Profi Kquid was suddenly banned from Epic Games. Why this happened, how he talked his way out of it, and what evidence there is, you will find out in this article.

The Fortnite Champion Series Invitational started on May 2 with the open qualifying tournaments. Among the participants was Kai "Kquid" Eaton. He did well on the first day of the tournament. The next day he was not so lucky. On Day 2 of Week 1 of the FNCS Invitational, he scored about 50 points in his first game. Surprisingly, he was suspended by Epic Games during the second game of the current tournament. Allegedly because of "Aim-Assist".

Excuses and accusations

The Australian professional later responded by claiming that another PC was the reason for the lockout. According to Kquid, he was unable to play Fortnite on his primary PC, so he borrowed a friend's setup.

The Fortnite professional defended himself so confidently that it was easy to believe that he had been banned for no reason. Kquid seemed sure that the ban would be lifted in about a day - especially since he was also defended by fans and other professional players.

A week later, however, the ban had still not been lifted. This led some fans to believe that the ban might have been legitimate after all. Then the Australian Fortnite player and YouTuber SerpentAU took the floor. He accused Kquid of using Aim-Assist on his keyboard and mouse just days after his surprise suspension. He posted a 2-minute video on his Twitter account showing screenshots underlining some programs and files needed for the installation of the cheats.

The 14-year-old pro admitted to using cheats in Season 9. He claimed, however, that they didn't work, so he reset his desktop to the factory settings. The footage found from his twitch stream shows files dated April 2020, indicating that they were installed after the factory reset.

Serpent went on to accuse Kquid of several questionable practices, including betting scams and the forging of lottery tickets, as well as his own "professional clips". After his original video, Serpent even went a step further, accusing Kquid of using an Aimbot during a Fortnite tournament.

Epic Games has not yet commented on the case. Kquid announced a YouTube video where he would like to comment on the case. Whether he will admit his guilt and fraud or continue to deny the allegations on the part of SerpentAU is still uncertain.

Nevertheless, the FNCS Invitational will continue, with or without Kquid. Week two is over and we are getting closer and closer to the final. It remains to be seen who will win the axe of champions. Stay tuned for more Fortnite updates.

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