The ex-CS:GO player will be captain

100 Thieves start their Valorant team with Hiko

Hiko 100 thieves valorant

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Even before the end of Valorant’s closed beta, teams were already hiring pro players. 100 Thieves join the trend by signing Spencer “Hiko” Martin.

Valorant officially launched this past Tuesday, June 2, and there’s a lot going on since then. After spending a couple of months in closed beta, the game is finally available for free to everyone. Riot introduced the first Battle Pass for the shooter, a new agent, a new map, a new mode, and more.

There’s a big Valorant event coming this weekend and that’s no secret. The Twitch Rivals VALORANT Launch Showdown will offer $200,00 in prize money split into all available regions. That’s why it comes as no surprise that we see more and more pro players getting signed by various organizations. T1 were the pioneers in Valorant as they hired Braxton “brax” Pierce as the first-ever pro player of the game back in the closed beta. Yesterday we told you about Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham who completed the roster of the South Korean organization.

After 18 years of Counter-Strike I think the biggest thing that Valorant kind of stuck out for me The game feels very similar as far as gun-play as far as mechanics go, but when you start adding abilities you have so many options.

100 Thieves has always been an organization that I’ve looked up to. After having talked to the management and the actual people I’ll be working with, their goals and my goals really aligned. Almost to a tee.

For now Hiko is the first and only Valorant player for 100 Thieves and he’ll also captain the future team. Chances are we’ll see more announcements coming up from the organization in the weeks to come. 100 Thieves spans teams across League of Legends, Fortnite, CS:GO, and now Valorant. Will they find the success they aim for?

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