nitr0 is starting a new career in Valorant.

100 Thieves Sign nitr0 for Their Valorant Team

nitr0 100 Thieves Valorant

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The former in-game leader of Team Liquid’s successful CS:GO team was signed by 100 Thieves marking his competitive start in Valorant.

It seems the speculations were correct as Nicholas "nitr0" Cannella truly retired from CS:GO. After getting benched by Liquid and his spot as captain taken by another player, nitr0 decided it’s time for a fresh start in Valorant. Valve’s competitor in the tactical shooter genre is drawing in more and more players from CS:GO. Cannella is by far the most high-profile one so far as he quite literally left CS:GO to get into Valorant. Previously we’ve only seen already retired players or streamers join Riot’s new game.

nitr0 Signed by 100 Thieves

The only question surrounding nitr0 was - which organization would manage to sign him? With 100 Thieves now we have the answer.

The North American team welcomed the veteran player with open arms. At the same time, 100 Thieves released four of their Valorant players:

  • Keane "Valliate" Alonso
  • Zachary "Venerated" Roach
  • Diondre "YaBoiDre" Bond
  • Alfred "Pride" Choi

With the four above no longer being part of 100 Thieves the team was left only with Spencer "Hiko" Martin. That is until nitr0 joined in. By the looks of it 100 Thieves are almost completely rebuilding their Valorant squad. With Hiko and nitr0 they already have a stable start. The two CS:GO players have plenty of experience and each of them can take the mantle of captain but for now it's staying with Hiko.

Cannella also had a birthday yesterday, so if you were also celebrating maybe you could consider a pro career in Valorant.

100 Thieves have been lacking results in Riot’s tactical shooter. The organization started building its Valorant team back in early June when they signed Hiko. Later in the same month, they added Valliate, Venerated, YaBoiDre, and Pride. The squad’s results were disappointing as they never managed to take a title or even place in the top 4. Most recently they finished 13th-16th in the FaZe Clan Valorant Invitational. All of that may soon change as the team is switching up from PUBG players to former CS:GO veterans. With that trend in mind maybe we can expect even more players from Valve’s shooter to join the 100 Thieves Valorant roster. It’s no secret that the most successful teams in Riot’s title are almost if not entirely made up of former CS:GO players.

What do you think? Will 100 Thieves propel themselves to the heights of competitive Valorant with the addition of nitr0? Share your opinion on our Facebook page!

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