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Halloween Miss Fortune
Which Halloween movie will you be watching this year?
Mass Effect 3
Which Mass Effect game is the best?
Gadgets in Battlefield 2042 Beta Ammo Box
Did you enjoy the Battlefield 2042 beta?
Rocket league
Which color do you prefer your car to be in Rocket League?
Weapons Valorant
What kind of weapon do you use the most in Valorant?
Hugo Lloris Tottenham FIFA 21
Which Premier League Club do you prefer in FIFA 22?
Fortnite play different game modes
Which Fortnite mode do you play the most?
Warzone kingslayer mode
Which Warzone Mode do you like the most?
Lucian Senna Couple
Which LoL couple do you like the most?
Battlefield 2042 gameplay
Battlefield Poll: Will you play the Battlefield Beta?
Fortnite Season 8
Fortnite Poll: What skin are you hoping for in Season 8?
Entertainment Poll: Is Gambling, Hot Tubs, ASMR and all the drama ruining Twitch?