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Is Gambling, Hot Tubs, ASMR And The Likes Ruining Twitch?

I'm not quite sure...

Fortnite gaming gear headphones hyperx
Which Of These Hardware Gaming Brands Is Your Favorite?

I love everything!

Rocket league
Which Color Do You Prefer Your Car To Be In Rocket League?

Which car color is your favorite?

Valorant agent skye
Do You Often Experience Bugs In Valorant?

Bugs... hate them in both real and online life.

Marshmello Skin Fortnite
Which Fortnite Skin Theme Is Still Missing?


Battlefield 2042 specialists classes
Which Battlefield 2042 Specialist Is Your Favorite?

Jisoo is my personal favorite!

Fifa 22
Do You Like What EA Is Currently Doing With FIFA 22?

I don't think I have to explain what I mean, right?

Cod mobile season 2
Are You Playing CoD: Mobile?

I'm not, lol.

Ivern 0
Which Of These Champions Is The Most Underrated?

Mine is Ivern. The image probably gave it away.

Arcane Jinx
Which Artist Do You Want To Make A Gaming Soundtrack?

There's so many, right?

Dragon age inquisition best dragon age
Which Dragon Age Is The Best?

Easy for me.

Rocket league
Will You Still Play Rocket League in 2022?


Valorant Agent 18
Are You Excited About The Valorant Agent From The Philippines?

I'm in love.

Spiderman fortnite wallpaper
Which Collab Do You Want In Fortnite?

I have a few suggestions.

Battlefield 2042 colum
Did You Already Give Up On Battlefield 2042?

It's okay, you don't have to feel bad.

Fifa 21
Are You Still Playing FIFA 21 Every Now And Then?

I do... because I don't own 22 lol.

New Gulag
Did You Ever Go Through A Game Without Going Into The Gulag At Least Once?

Be honest.

Debonair Draven Skin
Did You Like The Debonair 2.0 Skins?

Not exactly christmas-y.

NFT banner V2 00000
Interested in the EarlyGame NFT?

Exclusives, Perks, Drops,…

On Which Platform Do You Game The Most?

I'm a next-gen girl myself.

Rocket league
Be Honest: Are You A Toxic Rocket League Player?

Some of you are wild.

Are You Playing Valorant This Weekend?

I bet you will.

Fortnite Fish
Does Your Partner Also Play Fortnite?

Can you tell I'm starting to not know what to ask you, lol.

Battlefield 2042 colum
Are You Happy About The Battlefield 2042 Updates So Far?

There's only been a few but enough to give a verdict.